About Us

Our Story

Kylie and Tennyson met one fine summer day at Sorauren Park in Toronto. They immediately bonded over their love of jumpsuits (the best piece of clothing!), coffee (liquid gold!), and kids (what it’s all about!). They quickly realized that they were both extremely passionate about providing high-quality, play-based child care with a focus on outdoor education, music, art, and emotional regulation.

Our Values

At Gathering Wild, we believe that children are capable and curious learners who discover their world through play. We promote an inquiry based, emergent curriculum throughout all of our programming.

So what does that really mean?

  • We follow the interests of the child.
  • We’re playful.
  • We explore.
  • We take risks.
  • We get messy.
  • We’re curious.
  • We meet each child where they are.

Our warm, welcoming environment supports the meaningful engagement and expression of each child who enters our doors.

We believe that unhurried, open-ended exploration teaches children to ask questions, take risks, and solve problems.