Our Programs

Both of my children attend Gathering Wild, the younger one in the morning session and the older in the afternoon session. I can’t express how wonderful a place it is, and how amazing Kylie and Tennyson are at fostering a deep wonder, excitement and love of learning in my children.

The outdoor, play-based education, child-led and inquiry-based learning model has inspired incredible curiosity, creative ingenuity, resourcefulness and confidence in my children. I am amazed at the life skills they have developed since starting there – using tools, conducting experiments, knowledge of the natural world, paired with a greater ability to self regulate, identify emotions and show empathy.

They both run to school everyday, because in addition to it just being super fun, I believe they feel a deep sense of belonging and acceptance there.

This is how learning should feel. I only wish it lasted for the rest of their learning journeys.

-Sasha Manes, mom of Leo and Ray