Supporting children and families as they grow through
nature, play, music and art.

Play Series

This 5-week play series is sure to spark a love of play for adults and children alike.
Play is fun, silly, exciting and essential to children’s: cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional development. This series empowers caregivers to use play as a tool to navigate the stresses of childhood, support their child’s development and promote emotional literacy through artful interactions. Whether in our play-studio or in our backyard families will: explore new art mediums, engage in sensory play, sing, dance, imagine, and build alongside early childhood experts who are there to play and highlight the learning taking place.
Learning and play are intertwined.

Kylie started working with our kids when self-regulation and effective peer socialization were skills we were hoping to have them develop in a meaningful way. She excels at meeting kids where they are and gently guiding them to be their best. I see her treating young children as full people and empowering them through independence, music, and humour. She inspires kids to make responsible choices on their own and has made a tremendous impact on our family.” – Amy

Music Classes

During this playful 5-week music program families will laugh and sing together alongside Kylie. Each week families will learn new songs, sing old favourites, explore various instruments all while supporting the formation of important brain connections through music exploration!
Movement is welcomed and celebrated throughout the class, after all children learn best when they are moving. Come and explore the wonder of music with us.

Drop-Off Classes

Open Studio

A place to play and learn for families. We offer; sensory play, process art, outdoor play, music/story time and much more! We provide a nurturing environment where connections are fostered.

Tennyson has consistently exceeded our expectations, bringing an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to each day. We were always certain our spirited little girl was in safe and incredibly capable hands upon our departure. Tennyson is responsible, creative, fun loving, and incredibly smart. She is an excellent childcare provider, and I wholeheartedly endorse her qualifications and skill set.” – Stacey Welton


High-quality, emergent programming that promotes independence and curiosity. Our small class size of 5 ensures a calm and nurturing environment for all children. 


Parties & Events

Come and celebrate with us!
We host. We clean. We invite. We decorate. We entertain.

Yoga Classes