Our Educators

Our team is passionate about play-based learning and supporting children’s social-emotional development through nature, art and musical experiences.

Kylie Precepa

Co-Founder, RECE (BASc/Dip), Musician

Kylie has been bringing music and play-based learning experiences to children and families for the last 13 years! Throughout her career Kylie has worked as a:
Preschool Teacher, Nanny, Music Together Teacher, RECE in Full-Day Kindergarten, and as a Program Facilitator for the Ontario Early Years Centres facilitating music, math, and literacy programs. Kylie completed a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Early Childhood Studies at Guelph Humber University and her ECE diploma at Sault College. Whether at work or at home you can always hear her singing or playing guitar. Kylie is currently on mat leave but will be working behind the scenes answering emails!

“Kylie was the RECE in my daughter’s kindergarten class for both JK and SK. She was amazing with all the children but my daughter really bonded with her. My daughter suffers from anxiety and at the time was undiagnosed. But Kylie handled her with the utmost care and compassion. I wish this program was in the city we live so I could enroll my children.” – Jenn Kaustinen

Tennyson Miller

Experienced Caregiver, Textile Artist, ECE Student

Tennyson has been working with children of all ages for over ten years. She taught in a preschool in Chennai, India; was an assistant at a small Montessori preschool, and has provided high quality childcare for dozens of families across Toronto. She loves to get her hands dirty; whether she’s playing outside or experimenting with art materials, she’s likely making a (beautiful) mess.
When she isn’t with children, you can find Tennyson riding her bike, sewing, or curled up with a good book. She has studied everything from Sculpture and Installation to Social Work, and is currently pursuing her ECE diploma.
Tennyson believes deeply in the value of play, loose parts, and teaching emotional regulation skills.

“We have only wonderful things to say about Tennyson’s dedication and the quality of her work. In particular, Tennyson has done great work in providing my son with the tools to deal with strong emotions. Our son has learned to use self-calming techniques like deep breathing, and going to a quiet place with a calming toy. It never fails that we get compliments from other parents on how well behaved our son is, on how empathetic he is, and his willingness to share and play with kindness. When he sees a child in distress, he will often try to comfort that child. This is something he has learned from Tennyson. In addition to taking care of our son, she has been incredibly supportive as we go through the trials of being new parents. Always willing to talk through any concerns or questions we may have. She has been an indispensable resource. On top of all this, our son absolutely adores her!” – Roberta Brown and Adam Zarboni

Rachael Walker (Preschool Assistant, BA Studio Art & Child Studies, Artist)

Rachael has been working with children for eight years as a camp counsellor, teacher and volunteer. She believes in the power of experiential learning for self-discovery, experimentation, and expression. In her free time she enjoys painting, printmaking and designing jewelry. She also loves being outdoors so you will find her playing outside no matter the weather! Rachael has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Child Youth and Family Studies from the University of Guelph. She is working towards becoming a registered art therapist.

You can find Rachael assisting in our Preschool program, and supporting families during Messy Mornings on Sundays!